Friday, 3 July 2020

Poros Images

Neorion Bay
From the big house on the hill
Photo by Poppi

A Norwegian catamaran 
Norway is one of the countries on the 'permitted' list


  1. The Norwegians might have been here all winter (or not, thinking about it their catamaran might have been, but they can fly to meet it now). I have had a couple of 'foreign to Greece' yacht-living friends stuck in weird places (Pylos for example) because that is where they chose to winter over and ended up not being able to leave to resume their summer plans to move eastwards when they had intended. Your bay on the other hand would not have been a tiresome place to be confined to.

  2. New Zealand has been put on a lot of "allowed" countries to visit, but the government is actively discouraging anyone here from traveling overseas.
    I love the way your photos look so summery (is that a word? LOL) :)

  3. I am so envious of your gorgeous blue sky and warm sunshine. No wonder you are seeing so many incomers. I would be one of them if I was brave enough, although our island wouldn't let me back in if I went overseas!

  4. Lovely photos that I try not to envy :-)

  5. I like the look of that Norwegian Cat'. I really should have learned how to sail.

  6. wow that is an amazing view! I sure would like to be out on that boat.