Tuesday 13 August 2019


I'll be away from blogging for at least another 10 days.
Went in for a simple procedure to stop my arrythimia and ended up staying almost a week.
Procedure is called 'ablation' and is usually only an overnight stay.

Good news is the procedure was one hundred percent successful and I no longer have an irregular heart beat.

A couple of other things happened along the way and I need time to build strength and get completely mobile.

A blood vessel burst, aneurism,  in my leg and  left a huge blood clot covering the top of my right leg which has to slowly be absorbed. A bit uncomfortable. The leg has to be kept largely immobile.

After 2 blood transfusions I finally had the strength to walk from hospital bed to car and after a 3 hour road trip, I'm home. Hurray.

I was lucky. Instead of waiting 5 months for the op there was an empty spot after 2 weeks

A specialist was immediately on hand. Everything was in place to save my life. Grey's Anatomy a la grec.

Arrythimia is a thing of the past.

I spent 5 days of a heatwave in a perfectly controlled environment.

It all happened near 15th August. Athenians have been deserting the city in their thousands since the beginning of the month. Roads were empty so driving in and out of the centre was a cinch.

  • K was there the whole time, asking, prodding, even cutting up my stuffed tomatoes and feeding me when I had no energy.

My two girls created a perfect environment for my return. I tottered into a cool clean atmosphere with a whiff of grilled burger! Ftoo ftoo ftoo my dears

So see you all soon.


  1. Phew Linda! Good to hear you are home and everything is alright now and you have been well cared for xxxx

  2. Take care Linda. There's no place like home. Look forward to reading your blog when you are feeling better.

  3. Wow!!!!!

    All's well that ends well!!!!!

    Regain your strength and do what's necessary, about that blood clot.

    Don't worry about posting, till you really feel like it!!!!!

    K was a gem! Good husband there.

    Take care!!!!!!!

  4. Oh my. So glad you came out the other side in one piece. Sending e-hugs your way.

  5. Good to know that you have been so well cared for. (I had a niggling feeling that something was wrong.) Let the family cosset you for a while. Very best wishes.xx

  6. Quite an experience but in the right place. Onaseio hospital is the best. Everyone there for your health and comfort.
    Great family too.

    Thanks everyone

  7. Good to see you're back and OK, It is wonderful to have a family so dedicated as yours.

  8. Glad everything has turned out well. Take care.

  9. So glad to hear that you are home on the mend. Take care of yourself and let the family pamper you!!

  10. You poor thing. Good to hear they mended you OK. You'll have to look after yourself... maybe light a few more candles too. Best wishes, Cro x

  11. Glad everything went well after the hiccups
    Rest and take your time coming back
    Get well soon xxx

  12. Oh my! I hope you are regaining your strength and allowing your loved ones to pamper you. Are you on blood thinners? Glad the irregular heart beat is now taken care of - rotten luck with the additional problems. Take care - Jenn

  13. Wonderful news that the operation is now behind you, and you can put the irregular heartbeat to rest. Take this time to just vegetate, and allow yourself to be pampered :)
    Sending continued healing wishes and thoughts your way.

  14. my gosh you have been in the wars! get well soon and get everyone to do everything for you. Heal well! xxx

  15. Good to hear it went well, amazing what medical science can do now.

  16. Great news that your surgery went well, with the exception of the clot...I hope that resolves soon. What a blessing to have people care for you! Rest up and take care!