Thursday, 25 June 2015


Greeks are tired of this continuous/al game.  Europe is tired.  Once again we are under the threat of the direst poverty.  We are waiting while the Eurogroup/ the Brussels group/ the Working group/ the IMF and our PM play chicken with each other. 

Will Greece go bankrupt/reneg on its repayments/stick its finger up Merkel's nose or buckle under.

Last night we had a few bottles of home made wine, the fried innards of our neighbours goat and my homemade bread and laughed it out while we once again waited for news. 

No news last night, no news today.  It's going to be another lastminuter.  Monday is Payday to the IMF, Monday is the last day of our 4 month reprieve.

Our neighbour has stored 100 packets of macaroni and the same of tomato sauce.  Plus kilos of rice, beans and lentils.  I have about a third of that stored away as well plus 2 months supply of loo paper.  I hope we'll be eating this macaroni with a rich  bolognaise sauce and lots of pork chops and moussaka.  We always get bailed out....only this time it is touch and go.  If we don't get bailed out any visitors please bring cheese.

Here on Poros we are the lucky ones.  If the electricity gets cut off we can cook on the bbq, plus we have a gas burner and 2 big gas bottles.

K has his fishing boat and even if he can't afford the petrol to go fishing he says he can fix up a sail.  We eat 'weeds-from the-fields' anyway. Stinging nettles are extremely healthy They just need a bit of rain.  There are dozens of snails in the garden and all greeks love boiled snails.  Vasso, our old greek neighbour told us when she was young they often survived on lemons and boiled carobs.  Her family was a big one and they lived from their goats and what they grew in the fields  .  Exactly what we'll be doing soon.  The carob tree next door is loaded, we have a walnut tree, lemon trees and the bitter orange tree is loaded.

I already have 25 kilos of flour in K's shed and a tin of oil.  We'll be fine.  Wine may be a problem but our neighbour has promised she'll give us a few bottles and Danae's family has a few barrels.  K's wine has turned sour in the summer heat.  We will have plenty of vinegar.

Meanwhile down on the party island of Myconos they are breaking open 12,000 euro bottles of champagne.  I hope they are at least paying tax on that.
 K's boat under the olive tree.  He had it up here outside the house for almost 6 months.  Here it is after having the paint burnt off.

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