Tuesday, 18 September 2012

school, preparations and triathlons

11 October

Actually got a few drops of rain last night.  Cool. 

All the grandkids are back at school. They all love school.  Elli takes Jamie ten minutes earlier so he has time to play with his friends before the bell rings.  George and Nels like school better than the holidays.

TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the YEAR 1960...or thereabouts... when poor little me (P.L.M)  had to drag TONY to school screaming every day of his first year !!!   Edith was too busy cutting the crusts off the sandwiches she made for school lunches ...and making sure the butter was spread right out to the edges.  Ahh P.O.U.T.  Childhood trauma - for me or for you?

There was a POROS TRIATHLON a couple of weeks ago.  A 2km swim in the open sea.  They dump you off a water taxi somewhere near Monastery beach.     10km cross country run and  25km bike ride up over the hills, past the temple  and down to the water front.  Now that is one TRIATHLON Robert and Warwick have never attempted.
 Plus there is a mini marathon on Spetses (just down the gulf) this weekend and a catamaran regatta from Aegina the following weekend.

NOTICE -  with slightly odd translation
on July 4, 2012 in Game Announcements, Games
Press Release . The legendary X-Poros race will be held again this year after a one year’s pause.
The island of Poros is expecting you  on Saturday September 22nd for the classic rugged trail of the Saronic Gulf.
There are no significant changes in the formulation and the main event constituted of
2K swim, 10K mountain run and 50K mountain bike will probably cover the envy for sweat and pain under the sun..
Of course there are milder versions and a pure cycling one
This year the organization is hoping to avoid the rainfalls that had mysteriously marked the last 2 versions. This time an alternative running route will exist if the weather does not make us a favor again.
Our website has posted the maps (the same as before!).................................................................

PS ONE REPORT says a 25km bike and the other a 50km.  I  imagine it is only 25ks.  To do 50ks you would have to spend all day going up and down and around the island.  There are not 50ks of  roads and tracks on Poros.....say I.  

At the end of this month there is also a Round Poros Island yacht race which Yiannis takes part in every year. 

Then we go off daylight saving and it gets dark at 6pm.    The olives are shrivelling like prunes from lack of rain but picking time is almost upon (some of) us.    We got about a ton of wood dumped over the septic tank .  K's cousin Mike let him pick up all the logs and bits of pine trees that were lying around his property.  NOTE we did NOT cut down the pine tree.....highly illegal.  Please rain just  hold off until we have cut it all up and stacked it. Groan.  At least we'll have something to keep us warm.

The potatoes have been planted by the albie.  All the bamboo chairs have been painted - green - by me.  We are  getting ready for the winter.  Carpets will have to go down soon too.

I have just read an excellent book by Steven King called 'Writing".  It is a sort of autobiography with advice on writing and tells  how HE started writing and how he churns out all those best sellers.  Don't like his books (Danae loves that sort of horrific thriller and so does Kyriakos) but this one was easy to read, informative and entertaining.  Taught me

1.  I could never write a novel.....too much like rocket science. 
2.  you should go back and edit out ALL adverbs
3.  cut your manuscript by at least one tenth for the final proof....though you might consider 30%.

 Good advice for blogs  - one day I will edit before I post.  Yeh, right.  He's on to a good thing with the adverbs.  99.9% are  useless and just add boring over-word-age. 

Latest GASP from the greek people.  There is a rumour  the IMF has told the govt  all small greek islands should be abandoned.  Most have populations of less than a hundred.  Can't understand the logic  but no doubt I will have learnt it all by the end of the week.  Govt has denied the rumour so it is probably true but they would never dare to try and inforce it.  First the Turks would walk straight in and secondly all those islanders would never abandon their small holdings, their little piece of greek soil, possesions which have no doubt been owned by the same family for generations.  Weird or what.

Fish on a tile with beetroot and garlic sauce

THE greek fisherman - the smaller one is a tuna type fish

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