Saturday 28 May 2011

 Georgie and Lydia dancing at K's name day - in the background Danae, Elli, Kyriakos, Yainnis, Kostas
 Jamie trying to catch the egg - tradition at the end of Lent.  You can't see the egg in this pic
 He almost got the egg!  It is suspended with cotton from the beams above.
 Linda, Elli, Danae, Georgie and Jamie - at a cafe after the 25th March parade
 Natalia is growing up.  She's a terrible two but actually three going on four
 Jamie in the back yard - the 'before' pic.  Next year hopefully we'll have grass where the weeds are
 Ground ready to be sowed and a bit tidier.  The swing we got for K for his name day
 The swing - occupied by Elli trying to get a bit of peace and quiet away from the kids and photographers
 The day after K's name day when the family got together.  Elli, Danae, Kyriakos, Yianis, Kosta
Nels and Natalia in the lounge with all the IKEA furniture -

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  1. Oh what a wonderful family you have. ME