Sunday, 11 March 2018

The Road Less Travelled

On an overcast Sunday afternoon we slowly wound our way along a deserted back road around the coast amongst the pine forests.  I was hoping to take some photos of the village of Methana under the volcano .  The  peninsular across the straits has 32 volcanoes but only one of them is obvious by its shape.

The day was dull and the horizon was an unclear blur.  What I thought was an evening mist was actually a dust cloud blown all the way from the Sahara.   Not good for far-off photos.

The old fire road goes round the back of the island through the pine forest.  Last winter the young pines which had sprouted along the sides of the road were reaching out into the middle  and on the tight narrow corners visibility was dangerously limited.  The forest service would not give permission to trim the pines but the council seems to have got around the ban and with the removal of the young trees the road seems twice as wide.

That's the sewage plant above and those rings are a fish farm in the sea below.  At least the swirling waters show the sewage plant is working. I wouldn't be too happy eating any of those fish though. The thought of its location is more than a little off-putting. Beware, all those fish are exported

A small bay away from the tourist beaches.  Access is either by goat track or by boat from the sea.  Wonderful place for a summer picnic and all day swim

There is a small island offshore to make it even more private

Teachers Island. Another small island, this one with a church.  Popular for baptisms and weddings. Thought to be unlucky for some reason to be married here.  Can't think why.  Bride, groom and guests sail into the small jetty by water taxi, Zorbi the Greek (throbbing greek tourist music) blasting from the speakers

Russian ruins.
The remaining walls of an old Russian Naval station.  Deserted in winter. A beach to let dogs run and to fly kites. In the summer there are concerts on the beach and during the day the sands are covered in sunbeds and umbrellas

Love Bay
Every inch of sand here is covered by a sunbed in August.  A small rounded bay with crystal clear waters, a small stone church on one side and natural shade from the pine trees right down on the beach.  A beautiful little bay and extremely popular. Off shore there are usually anchored a few luxury yachts. The canteen provides cold beers and coffees and Greek salads


  1. Replies
    1. It is 6 kms and we did not even one car or bike. Just the wind in the pines.

  2. You live in a lovely place Linda. The fish farm not so much.
    Greetings Maria x

    1. The fish farm was way around the corner but then some EU regualtion made them change the location. Myabe there is no pollution but it still should not be so close.

  3. What kind of fish is grown there? I’d like to be able to avoid them lol
    I hope your weather starts to get nicer now. I’m hoping ours starts to cool off and we get some good rain very soon. It’s very dry here and it’s getting very dangerous.

    1. I don't know what the names of the fish are in english, tsipoura and lavraki. Nice white fesh but the fish farmed ones are rather fatty.
      Not forest fires so early in the season I hope! I wonder what our summer will be like

  4. I often notice sewer pipes going in the sea in my walks around Ireland. Great post!

    1. Our sewage used to go straight into the harbour. The smell was terrible. This sewage plant has had one problem after another so I don't know how well it works!!