Thursday, 1 March 2018

St David

Saint David.  
When I opened up my computer this morning to send birthday greetings to my, today 15 year old grandaughter, up popped a message from google to say 1st March is St David's day.  I read that St David is the patron saint of Wales.  As the leek is the national symbol of Wales, and in season right now, I decided to make leek pies and take them to her birthday party.

Nels is an athlete, a rower, a runner, an eater of healthy food.  Her favourite meals are spanakorizo (stewed spinach and rice) and fak-es (lentils) so I decided she would be just as happy to have me bring her a leek pie as another child would be to receive a chocolate cake on her birthday.

Kronia polla Nels

The two Poros double skiff champs 

We are searching for this lycra unisuit for her to wear in her next national races on Lake Kastoria in northern Greece

Always proud to be a kiwi

In the Orthodox church Agios David (Δαυιδ) is a 'blessed' and not a saint and has his fiesta on 1 November or 16 December.  Two different saintly souls from two different religions.

Enough about religion.  I made the leek pies and like them better than spinach pies.

Prassopitakia - leek and feta pies

I made the pastry myself of course.  Simple recipe.  

1 wine glass of wine (I used red wine because that's what I had )
1 wine glass of oil - whatever you have on hand
one beaten egg
a little salt 
enough flour to make a soft dough
Knead a little till it forms a soft but not sticky ball
Leave for 20 minutes to rest

Filling -
three big fat leeks finely chopped
a handful of chopped dill (or herb of your choice)
a couple of hundred grams of crumbled feta 
the same of grated yellow cheese
one egg
salt and lots of pepper

Pour a little olive oil into a pot and add chopped leeks.  Simmer till the leeks are soft and are no longer squeaky, about 10 minutes.  Take off the heat and add the chopped dill and crumbled feta.  When well mixed add the egg, salt and pepper and mix with a fork till well combined.  

Leave to cool
Roll out the dough into long strips.  Cut into squares and put a spoon full of filling in the middle.  Press the edges down well.
Brush with egg if you want to.  Bake about 30 minutes or until golden brown.

Kali Orexi


  1. Many Happy Returns, Nels. Enjoy your special day - and those wonderful leek pies.

    1. Thanks Elaine. The pies were salt free too, quite tasty

  2. Happy birthday to your granddaughter.
    And good luck in her comps.
    Yummm. Love leak pies

    1. Thanks Angela. Much prefer leeks to spinach!

  3. Being part Welsh I celebrated St David's day with a glass of Scotch whiskey last night. I suppose I too should have had Leek pie.

    1. A leek pie would have gone down well with the whisky.

  4. I hope your granddaughter had a lovely birthday and enjoyed your leek pies.
    I want to make them. Can feta be replaced with ricotta, and dill with parsley?
    Pretty healthy girls. Which one is your granddaughter?
    Greetings Maria x

    1. Hi Maria and thanks. Ricotta would be just as tasty and parsley too. I don't put any salt in because most of the family can't have salt.

  5. Happy birthday to your granddaughter.

  6. ENice looking pies and no meat in sight. That’s a good thing. One of my meals this week is leek and i’ve never had it before. I asked for the vegetarian option and this is what I got. Can’t wait to try it.

    1. Leeks are quite mild. No salt either...or sugar! They go really well with any sort of cheese. I hope you enjoy your leeks!

  7. mmm that sounds delicious. Leeks are usually made here into leek and potato soup or white sauce is added to them once they are cooked.

    1. I love leek and potato soup. Had forgotten about leeks in white sauce. I wonder whether anyone else would eat them that way. I must make them for me one time!