Friday, 20 October 2017

The last of the summer ouzos

The end of a summer season.  

The pot of basil that was decorating this tree stump has dried up and withered away.  The basil has been replaced by a hardier pot of mint which will regenerate next spring after a  good rainfall and some warm sunshine

The beach bar has closed.  We went down and finished their last drop of ouzo last weekend.  The next day the 'palikaria' (youths of strength and courage is one translation) had a beach party and finished up the rest of the booze.

No WiFi.  Please talk to each other

The sea was a little rough but a perfect day for sailing

Most of the small boats here will be taken out of the water for the winter.  The bay gets very rough in a northerly gale.  We'll be down sometime in the winter to see what the sea has washed up, besides plastic bottles and shoes

Catching wasps

Small boys and tall boys trapped wasps, without getting stung, while we enjoyed a last drink at the waters edge.


  1. Your winding down and we are gearing up. Or we were. The weather has turned cold and grey again. But that’s melbourne for you four seasons in one day!

    1. Still spring I guess from you. I remember warm days but cold nights back in NZ in November..a long time ago

  2. Winding down here too. I've now finished all my Autumn tasks, and am waiting for all the leaves to fall in order to start my Winter tasks. Maybe I should now open that bottle of Ouzo that's been sitting on my dresser for two years!

  3. The only kind of alcohole i like is Ouzo, i don't know why.
    Here too the end of summer,i don't have to water the garden as much as i did and the cats went back to sleep in their boxes at night.

    1. We have rain forecast for next week. I would like a little rain. It will get rid of the dust!!

  4. Irish coffees for us tonight. I love the no wifi sign. No News on the television would be another good sign.

    1. Irish coffee would be nice. Haven't had one of those in years. We used to make them with Jameson's.

  5. Looks like you are closing up shop for the year.
    I love the saying "No Wi-Fi, talk to each other", it should be displayed more.
    Boats removed from their mooring place, another sign of winter approaching.
    A lovely post, wasps and all !