Saturday, 28 October 2017

Photo Parade

A break from Sunday-celebration-posts

Everyone has gone home, back to the city.  We have peace and quiet.  Sitting outside with a glass of wine I can hear bird song.  

Not a goat or a dog.  No cars or noisy motorbikes.  No high pitched voices arguing endlessly, no screaming kids, not even ours.  Not even the sound of the wind blowing through the pines.

Silence.  I'm enjoying this novel situation while I can!

The tortoise shell has been sitting outside all summer and unfortunately is falling to pieces.  I thought it would just dry out and be hardened by the sun.    After a short search on the internet it seems we can glue the pieces together and then varnish the shell.  It seems a pity not to try at least to preserve it and maybe have it on show as a trophy  

Our neighbours called in the other day.  They were carrying too heavy bags, one of quinces and the other with pomegranates.

I tried, I really did.  I peeled and chopped half a dozen of those darn quinces.  I made quince compote.  I made a quince pie.  I threw out the two jars of two year old quince jam sitting on the sideboard and thought about making more.  I really did.  

Enough.  They're going in the compost.

The pomegranates are another story.  I peel and pull out the seeds of the pomgranites and eat them with a spoon.  They are a bit fiddly to clean but I love those fresh, red, shiny seeds, juicy and just a little tart.  

Big foot and fairy foot.  Youngest grandaughter uses oldest grandsons shoes as a case for her shoes

Olive slasher.  This little gadget has three sharp blades inside.  The olive is pushed through and comes out with three slashes down its sides, ready to be soaked and then pickled

Some people have bats in the belfry.  My daughter has bats in the fireplace.  Even though there is a turning-cap-thingy on top of the chimney bats fly down in the summertime and can't out again.  This year were there ten mummified bats to be cleaned out.

Reduced salt vegemite.  Someone from Australia brought us all a jar of this new vegemite.  I'm impressed.  It's my favourite, even better than NZ marmite.  The taste is not so strong and noticabley  less salty.  You can put a thicker layer on your toast.  Yum


  1. Yummmm. Vegemite. Love it. Nothing better on a cold day than hot buttered toast with Vegemite and a slice of cheese!
    I hope you can salvage the shell. It will look lovely once it’s varnished

    1. Gluing the shell is going to be a bit difficult. More pieces seem to fall off everything I move it. Hope it can be salvaged.
      That Vegemite is even better than the original

  2. You are lucky to have been given just a bagful of Quinces; I have several wheelbarrow loads to take to the compost.

    As for your Pomegranates, go to YouTube and look for 'Pomegranate opening'.

    Marmite is far superior!!!!!!!

    1. I'll look up the pomegranate opening though I must say I'm pretty good at it now.
      Normally I'd agree on the marmite but this Vegemite is darned good.

  3. Then what happens to the shell? It gets moved around and eventually ends up in a box in the attic.

    1. I was thinking of hanging it on the wall somehow. We've got a goats foot up there and a pile of other crap. It would fit in well. Then the kids can throw it out. They'll be swearing at us one day having to pay half a dozen trucks to haul the trash out of here.
      I hate crap and I live in a hoarders house