Tuesday, 26 September 2017

greek Russian Salad

Rossiki Salata

I wouldn't call this a salad in-so-much as it has no lettuce leaves or sliced tomato.  It is what they call here in Greece a meze.  A side dish, a starter.  Or even better, a dollop on a sandwich instead of butter.

It is very popular in Greece, often found on a taverna menu and sold in pots in the supermarket.  Some version of it seems to be found all over Europe and the Balkans.

Boil a few carrots and cut up finely.  Boil as many peas as you desire.  The green and orange give this salad it's eye-appeal

Finely chop a few gherkins (pickled cucumber)

Add a handful of capers.  Our daughter brought back a large jar of locally pickled capers from the island of Paros.  Plump and full of taste

In a good size bowl make up a generous amount of sauce.  I used two thirds greek strained yoghurt and one third mayonnaise with lots of apple cider vinegar to give it a zing.  Whiskey would be even zing-ier

Mix all of the above together and refrigerate.  

Add boiled green beans, chopped green pepper or anything else you think would make a tasty addition.

It's not the family's favourite meze because of the mayonnaise and the green peas and carrots.  They prefer an olive oil and vinegar dressing and a tin of sweet corn instead of peas and carrots.

Budapesti salad  - also known as Chicago salad

This is another salad/starter/meze not usually found on taverna menus, just in a plastic container in the supermarket.  I love this one too.  But I like my mayo.

This is very similar to russian salad but has strips of preserved red pepper, ham and ketchup is added to the sauce to make it a pinky colour.

Below is a list of bits and pieces which you will usually find in this commercially made salad.

- pickles
- roast red peppers  - we either roast ours in the oven, remove the skin and preserve in oil and vinegar or buy a jar ready made
- grated carrot
- strips of ham
- ketchup
- potatoes
- gherkins
- mayo

- salami 
- paprika

Kali Orexi 


  1. Heinz did it best! As you probably remember from my blog, sad they discontinued it. I now buy the Polish one, easily available in shops in eastern counties of England, which is as close as it gets. It was always called Russian Salad in our house

    1. Haven't tried Heinz. Dont think you can get it here but I actually prefer the commercially made one to my own

    2. You won't get it anywhere. DISCONTINUED.

  2. Sound so good, i shall try and make those salads very soon.

    1. Add lots of small cut vegetables and loads of sauce. Darn tasty

  3. I suppose the two French equivalents would be grated Carrot with Lemon juice, and grated Celeriac in mayo. The French stick to what they know!

    1. They sound a little healthier. And what the French know best they make the best!