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Saturday, 22 October 2016

on the island of Lefkada

A short trip through our weekend. 
Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για bridge of lefkada

This is the floating bridge which connects the island with the mainland, opening up to let yachts through. The island was connected to the mainland until 7BC when the locals dug a trench.

The harbour at the small coastal town of Vasiliki where we were staying.

  Still many tourists around.  The island generally is very green and has many small villages and attractive beaches.  There were also a great number of yachts tied up along the half hour coastal drive that we took to arrive here.  The small harbours look to be sheltered coves suitable for wintering a yacht in the med.

On the other hand, Vasiliki  is popular with wind surfers.  Strong winds blow in the afternoon during the summer months.  Our hotel was very close to the beach and I was thrilled to hear the sound of surf, although there seemed to be no wind and few waves.  A bit of an anomally.  I was lulled to sleep during my summer holidays in New Zealand by the sound of the waves crashing on the beach at Papamoa.  Sitting out on the balcony in the evening was a delight here in Lefkada, bringing back many memories of New Zealand's long white sandy beaches.

Perfect setting for our morning coffee, right on the sea and under the shady eucalytpus trees.  Eucalyptus trees were growing all around the harbour and many had been recently trimmed.   The wood of the eucalyptus tree is ideal for the fireplace.  We should have slipped a few logs into the boot of the car in the wee hours after the wedding 

This cake was on the menu of the shop we sat at for a beer and a snack.  It sure looks like a cho-co-late cake to me.  I should have asked Mary.  
As for the sangria, I kept well away from that after our last family birthday where we partied on our new favourite, sangria with white wine and vodka.  A little goes a long way and we drank slightly more than a little.

At the wedding the next night we were given a glass of sangria  while waiting to be shown our table.  I don't think it had any vodka in it but it had a good strong flavour to it.  Unfortunately they ran out quickly otherwise I would have definitely given it a second chance.   The local wine wasn't nearly as nice.

The village of Poros.  Poros means 'passage'.  Poros island is separated from the mainland by a very narrow passage.  Where the passage is here I do not know.  It is one of many places called 'Poros' all over greece so naturally we stopped and took a photo.

The greek security camera.  This old lady from her perch could check out the activity all over the harbour.  Here she looks quite stern.  A few minutes later her neighbour came out on the balcony next door and the old lady turned to her with a beautiful smile.  Never judge at first glance.

What to wear to a pre-wedding party

What can I say.  These are my daughter's knees. I hope her underwear is not in the same condition.

Here is the bride leading the dance and her jeans were just as torn at the knee, poor thing.


  1. Hahahahaha!!!If you dont like my jeans them buy me a new pair!!!And my underwear is ok dont worry!!!Remember the bride had holes in her jeans to,she is the one dancing on the left in the photo!!!!If she can then so can i...xxx

    1. Thank goodness you are half respectable! You're lucky you're young and can get away with anything...😊and it's the fashion. Ye gods and little fishes

  2. lol Greek security camera! Even when transplanted to another country they work just as well
    Ripped jeans are so now! You know. You have to pay extra for them to come like that haha

    1. Unbelievable fashion! I have got used to them though, maybe even like the idea..a little bit of rebellion, though at what cost!!! You pay more for the holes than for the jeans

  3. I suspect that are similar "security cameras" in many parts of the world! Funny. I only wish I could pull off that same look with my jeans! -Jenn

  4. Well, I was thinking of cutting a few holes in mine....but I don't know whether I'd be game to wear them in public and then I'd have to patch them up. Certainly different from the bell bottoms and hipsters that I once wore

  5. Ah, the Greek isles. That view from your breakfast café reminds me of all the wonderful beach-side tavernas I've frequented. Lovely.

    1. Idyllic. We sat there for a couple of hours enjoying coffee, conversation and the view.....

  6. I feel as though I have had a quick visit to two beautiful countries today. As to your security camera - that face could almost have belonged to our dear old neighbour, a 99 year old man. He gives that same intense and unsmiling look which quite belies his true gentleness. I'll try to look out an old photograph of him to show you.

  7. What she must have seen over the years. There she is in her traditional costume with tourists in shorts walking underneath. And the smile, changed her face completelg