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Friday, 23 September 2016

Raining on paradise

Yesterday it rained on and off all day, off thankfully when it was time to go out and eat.  The wind rushed through the pine trees and the freshly dampened (drenched) earth smelled of autumn.

"...season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.."
John Keats.

Lightening flashed over the hills in front of us but no sound of thunder.  Somewhere north, around Korinth, they were getting a real battering.

Eating took up a lot of our day but I accidently deleted the photos so here is one of a very healthy Cretan dako which we ate the first night with our ouzo.  A dako is a twice baked bread roll, hard and dry.  It is run under the tap quickly to wet it slightly and then this one was covered in chopped tomato, feta cheese, olives, green pepper and olive oil.

We ate on the other hand, a great block of moussaka for lunch.  It was hot out of the oven and surprisingly light.  The aubergines and potatoes were not soaked in oil from the frying pan and the béchamel sauce was almost fluffy and there was lots of it.  With a half kilo of red wine it warmed us up and gave us (Dutch) courage to make a dash for our room before the rain came down again. 

In the evening it was pizza.  Thin crust, lots of cheese.  And a beer.

I taught myself from youtube how to crochet a half granny square.  The easiest of stitches but when you're an ageing, blonde lefty in a right hand world sometimes instructions can appear trickier than they really are.

And of course I read a book.  This is a biography of  fascinating travel writer and novelist Bruce Chatwin.  He's  a charming but extremely complicated character and this thick book covers his life in great detail, from antiques appraiser at Sothebys to travels in Patagonia and beyond .   I learn his travel stories mix fiction and fact.  As it is a biography I am reading it slowly, dipping in and out.  I don't have to finish it quickly to see 'whodunnit'. 

I will go back and re-read his travel books with 'another eye'.   

Today the sun is shining again on my holiday hangout.  Last night the nightbird, not an owl, but  some bird called a 'gioni',  was birp-birping, an endless call as he sought his mate.


  1. Still sounds like paradise - plenty to occupy you and great food, too. I've just been reading about Bruce Chatwin, his wife sounds an interesting character too. I may have to come up with some version of that tempting Cretan tako, I haven't had breakfast yet. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

    1. I love travel books. Didn't realise what a character chatwin was. Looking forward to reading about the wife

  2. I accidentally pressed publish and this went off with a few mistakes. Should be Dako not tako. All you need is a firm piece of toasted bread underneath. I love toast with Marmite and a slice of tomato.

    1. I settled for some buttered toast in the end! I've just found that rats have been eating the tomatoes in the polytunnel which has put me off them at the moment!

    2. Oof mice are bad enough but rats....hope you can get rid of them!!

  3. I love you tube. That's how I learnt to chrochet.
    There are lots of YouTube videos for left handers. The crochet club are really great for that. They have lots of videos. Just make sure to type in left handed
    Well done to you. It's a great hobby!

    1. I thought of that later Angela. I knew they must have something for left-handers. In fact I'm
      Going to while away a few minutes right now doing just that. I'm always so chuffed when I finally 'get' something!!

  4. Oh, I love a good Moussaka; in fact I have all the ingredients so I might make one this weekend. That 'dako' sounds odd, is it eaten 'soggy'?

  5. It's soggy in parts and crunchy hard in others usually. It has to be a quick whisk through the water or it will be soggy for sure. A Greek thing. That hard twice baked bread lasted forever so it was common for the villagers to make it and eat to eke out food

  6. Why do u read on your holiday????So boring...You should swim have some alcohol and do nothing else!!!

  7. Hello. I just came here from Cro. Sorry I am behind but I spotted you are reading Chatwin. I read this a while ago. He really was a rather complicated and sad fellow wasn't he? I like your blog. Do you visit mine?

  8. Hi Rachel, I do indeed read your blog, through Cro. Must become a follower. Love your uniqueness.

    Chatwin was certainly an unusual character. Interesting reading...