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Monday, 19 September 2016

Fiddler on the balcony

Every afternoon, after siesta, and late at night we are entertained by a violinist playing on a balcony a few rooms down.  He can, thank goodness, play in tune and fiddles away playing us nisiotika (island) music which everyone recognises and enjoys.  

Last night we sat and drank our frozen raki on the balcony and were serenaded with pleasant melodies which drifted through the moon lit night silencing  the owls and probably bewitching even the foxes.

Next morning -
7am woken by the clatter of the rubbish truck
8am bugle call
9.15 am a recital of violin music.  Something pleasurable on a balmy summer evening could be called intrusive and even grating on the nerves at 9 in the morning.  I wonder if this guy has his wife with him and if so whether she might be deaf.

A sandy beach. 

  There are watch-towers all around us 


  1. The sandy beach looks divine. I can just imagine a few simple tavernas around, serving fresh fish. Lovely.

    1. As you noted today, simple ,fresh and whatever is in season is what we enjoy and come back time and time again to sample. Fresh fish on the beach......too expensive for us now...but stuffed tomatoes are just fine

  2. The beach does look lovely and I'd probably be strolling along it by 7 am, even on holiday, for I am a morning person rather than a night owl, unless there is a party! It is cold and dull here so I have enjoyed a little stroll along that sandy beach, imagining the feel of the damp sand, the warmth and the sound of the water lapping on the shore. I shall continue to dream, until the 9.15 am concert intrudes.

  3. Ha ha. Dream on! The fiddler must not have heard the bugle call and overslept. No morning concert today. Time to go down to that beach and swim with the fishes.

    1. PS sounds as though you need a holiday..in the Caribbean . I'd say come to Greece but won't be long till the cold wind doth blow and maybe bring snow,...even here

    2. I'm hoping for a week away soon, I just have to persuade Max that it is a good idea. Poppy has said she would see to our grandchildren and the animals, so fingers crossed. Nowhere exotic, probably the Norfolk coast - it will be chilly, but beautiful.