Friday, 19 August 2016

More on the moon

After all that mushy language about climbing up to the Acropolis with your lover under the light of the full moon it turns out that the Acropolis wasn't actually open after dark.  Those slippery  marble steps are apparently now deemed too unsafe for night visits.  

The acropolis was however lit up as it is every night and the romance is still high level.  You two and a thermos of G and T sitting on a wall somewhere in the Plaka, the old part of Athens, people watching and gazing up to the ancient columns of the Parthenon, or sitting on the roof top of a 5 star hotel sipping cold Sauv Blanc.  Two scenarios  bathed in the romance of ancient and modern Athens.

Here on Poros I sat on my terrace sipping  vodka and low cal orange and this year I did hear some of the piano music wafting over the pine trees.  It was a perfect, short, interlude when the ads came on and the Olympic commentary momentarily came to a halt.

Down in Crete  on its highest mountain Psiloriti (Mount Ida to the english) there is a cave where Zeus (Dias in greek) was born (6,000 years ago?).  This sacred site was once the centre of worship of Zeus.  Local Cretans brought the place back to life with  a re-enactment of this ancient myth in music, theatre, dance and poetry.  

That is something I would like to have seen.


  1. There are way too many steps for me to climb at night anyway. And after a few G&T's I'd hate to think how if come down them again

    1. Yes, I thought so mysef. Far too many steps. Loads of other places to view from afar, with ouzo or G and T!