Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Fishing Greek style

K has been fishing.   At long last.  First it was too windy, then the boat needed repairs, no-one was catching fish, it was full moon, no money for petrol .... 

 Then news was out, the fish had grown big enough to catch and they had been seen just outside the harbour.  He was off and running.  Last night he went out with Grandson George and they caught half a dozen.  Early this morning the catch was bigger, as seen in the photo above.  A couple of good tuna and a bucket of  'others' (kinigos - the hunter).

 The 'others'.  I have been googling to find an english translation but have not found the exact same fish.  It looks like some sort of small tuna-like fish to me.  Great for frying, grilling, cooking on a tile or stewing with onions, garlic and fresh tomatoes.  Flesh full of flavour and not many bones.

 The tuna cooked with rosemary and lots of garlic in the oven on a roof tile.  It turns out really juicy and full of flavor (and so does the tile).

Fortunately none of these fish have scales so they just need gutting.   K said they had just had a good feed of sardines.  He is very good at cleaning the fish on the way back from the fishing grounds.  I can scale and gut with the best but definitely prefer not to have to do this smelly job, especially in the middle of summer.

We used to bury the scales, bones, guts under the lemon trees or the roses but I saw no difference in the size of the lemons or the quality of the roses and the ground is so hard, the cats so insistent that I have stopped. 

We gave a lot of the fish away  in return for  the figs, apricots, lettuces, eggs and a variety of other home produce that we have received the last  months from neighbours.

The fishing boat (blue and white with  canopy).  K was lucky to pick this up at a good price just before he retired and just before the economy collapsed.  The tax on boats under 5 metres is still payable thank goodness.  He would be lost without this small boat and his hobby

Every greek island male dreams of buying a small fishing boat when he retires and spending his days catching his lunch.  This is the fishing boat harbour.

A typical greek fisherman.  I took this photo because I could see the fish jumping around the boat.  There were silver flashes all over the surface of the sea.  He must have got a great haul.  

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  1. I missed this post for some reason. I love fishing. When we went on holiday to the island my family comes from. I was very surprised more people didn' own boats. I didn't realise you payed q tax in them. I guess that's why. We love our boat. Unfortunately we haven't been out in a while. But hopefully this summer we get out a little more