Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Out and About

We left Poros on the 7.10am car ferry for a day of  off-the-island chores.  The car was covered in a heavy dew and the low lying fields nearby blanketed in a thick mist.

Greek breakfast

First stop, right opposite the car ferry, La Frianderie make the best coffee and cheese pies between here and Athens.  The kids there have actually gone to 'coffee school' and know how to make a deep rich brew exactly to your taste.  We never drink or eat in the street.   The coffee is enjoyed  on the premises or at your desk or this time, in the car

Second stop the village of Ligourio and an optician's appointment.  They are preparing for a parade, dancing and music to celebrate the end of carnival and the beginning of Lent, February 19th

Third stop to get the warrant of fitness and pollution test  for the car
44 euros for both.  Down from 65 euros.  Another testing garage has opened not far away.  The other place is advertising 45 euros for both at the moment.  Yea for competition

The sun had come out by now and we sat outside and drank their free coffee while waiting for the paperwork.  Unfortunately the sour stink of an olive press was blowing in our direction but we could hardly complain, sitting there with our free coffee, the sun on our cheeks and the endless green and orange vista of the citrus groves all around us

In the grounds outside.
This is a very old fashioned water pump.  A donkey, or mule, was hitched to one side of this and went round and round in circles drawing water up from the well

A piece of car sculpture at an alarming angle

Further down the road the city of Argos is finally trying to fix its traffic confusion.  We passed the first digital traffic lights I have seen.  Very modern.  They had only green and red, no orange but had a digital clock to show you how many seconds you had to wait till the lights changed colour

This whole area has acres of orange, lemon, mandarin trees, all laden with fruit.  Orchard after orchard 

The rest of the day was spent going from electrical shops to supermarkets and taking a friend and his dog for a haircut.    It was twilight by the time we arrived in Epidavros for a quick coffee on the return journey, and the night of the supermoon.  8pm by the time we reached home.  A long day, usual for a day off the island

Djibril Cisse (a shih tsu) named after the French footballer who played for greek team Pananthiakos. 

7th February
Fiesta day of Saint Parthenios
Protector of Cancer patients
A miracle worker
We stopped on the way back to light a candle at this little church in the olive groves.


  1. Gotta love a good coffee, I like mine strong each morning, kind of sets the tone for the day.

    1. This place always has great coffee. The best in this area but we only stop there when on a trip

  2. Coffee sounds good, great for on the road. Yes I would think a day off the island one has lots to accomplish. I remember a trip driving with my son in an old VW Bus in the central part of Florida, very time warped in the 60s and 70s not one coffee shop to be found. But a zillion small churches and they were all the 2nd something. Such a contrast to other areas in Florida.

  3. A very busy day
    I hope you had more than the coffees and that one piece of cheese pie!
    The dog is very cute.

    1. Actually this time all we had was a sandwich. Most unusual! Don't worry ks mind was on food all day and he had his plate out as soon as he walked in the door! Fortunately I had bought some really nice fresh bread

  4. That was a very long day and the cheese pie sounds delicious. The car pollution test is expensive there; we pay €10,00.
    Tomorrow is our carnival parade here in Verona. It's a big thing and we eat potato dumplings. Nearly every household make homemade.
    Greetings Maria x

    1. I have been googling 'italian potato dumplings'.. are they gnocchi or something else, Maria?

    2. Yes Linda's they are gnocchi x

    3. I tried making them once and they were not a success. I just might try again!

  5. Replies
    1. Every small town or big city will be having a carnival parade next weekend

  6. It is great getting so many jobs ticked off the 'To Do' list. I bet you were glad to get home again though. That little church in the olive groves looks lovely.

    1. It really is great to finally get paperwork done, purchases made, things that we can't do from home. I love getting home? I used to love these outings but not so much anymore.
      So many little churches everywhere!!!

  7. I enjoyed all of that Linda. Thank you!