Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Porosea.... 21 May

Porosea 2017

Three days of athletics for all ages on the welcoming, green  island of Poros.  If you like swimming, running or cycling then this was the place to be over the weekend of 21st May.

Three of our grandchildren took part, running and cycling and the other two were volunteeers, handing out bottles of water and directing athletes.

9am, an empty waterfront except for a few athletes warming up

         Three enthusiastic young 10k runners raring to go.  Our own Nels on the right.

Anna, friend, one of their mothers, an athletic local-alien, with a big smile, timer and music strapped on to her arm.  Anna ran the 10k race as well and came in first in her age group.  Way to go!

Waiting for the starter's 'gun', grandaughter Nelie with a bottle of water in one hand and her phone in the other so she can listen to music.  We obviously have to buy her one of those arm thingies and a belt to hang her water bottle.

Holding on to a bottle of water and a phone didn't slow her down though.  There she is holding up the cup, first of the women to cross the line in the 10k race.  

And our very own Pascal, another local-alien and our friendly waitress from the 'green chairs' cafe.  Pascal ran a half marathon, 22ks, and she was the first woman over the line.  Go Pascal go!!!  The 22ks took her way up into the hills where we live, across the back of the island to the Monastery and back down into the harbour, all in 2 hours and 7 minutes

Two more champions, grandaughter on the right, did the 400 metre dash smiling all the way

It was all very well organised.  Each athlete had an identification badge with their number, the event and their name which they attached to the back of their shirts.  

Grandson Jamie, in a typical tough boy pose.  He and his friend rode in the 10k cycle race.

Maria and Matina, accountants, not athletes, just having fun.  They did very well coming in 13 and 14th and are already training for next years event!

This ten year old, Antonis, is a young athlete who just went on and on like those duracell batteries.  He swam 2ks in the sea,   cycled 22ks and ran 10ks.   This little guy doesn't give up.


Now this young nine year old is not just a champion, she's a phenomenon!  Don't know what her name is, just what she achieved.  She ran 5ks and came in second, nine years old!

Father and son

Unfortunately I only got to see the running.  I came down too late to watch the cyclists.  All roads were closed on our side of the island, cars, tankers and motorbikes, all backed up and not able to move till it was all over.  I turned around and went back up the mountain, just making it home before they closed our mountain road as well.  This is one time I wouldn't have argued.  It was a terrific event for the island, for the locals who took part and all the visitors who came to participate in these games.  Besides the athletic events there was a treasure hunt, 'survivor' type games, a free macaroni night and lots of other good healthy fun for everyone

ks - kilometres


  1. Well done everyone. That looks fun.

    1. The locals certainly had a lot of fun. Those that came from further afield were perhaps more competitive

  2. Beautiful and talented grandchildren.It seems that when you don't have holidays around you have to feel the time with some kind of happiness and social events, how nice.

    1. There is always a lot going on Yael. I have plenty to write about. 21 May was a big weekend. There are two more posts coming up about 21 May

  3. What a sporty family! it is good that fitness was made into a fun activity!

    1. The grandkids are amazingly sporty and some of the parents. They all know how to swim and play tennis and football and 4 out of the 5 grandkids are rowers. The 5th does gymnastics. There is not much else to do around here though . Keeps themn out of mischief!!