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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Poppy time

Spring flowers

This is not a poppy, it is an anemone.  They appear a little earlier than the poppies and are similar in colour but the leaves are pointed

Whereas the poppy which I found a little further down the road has the same black centre but the familiar rounded leaves.

Broad beans and garlic sauce.  We have been eating loads of raw garlic in the last few days.  Blood pressure should be at a healthy level and any  parasites running for cover .

On the left is a traditional metal wine jug.  This one holds half a litre, ideal for a normal lunch time drink.
The broad beans are fresh from the garden, boiled and dressed with olive oil and vinegar.

Our front garden full of sorrel/oxalis/clover with its yellow flowers.  It has taken over the garden but by June will have dried up and completely disappeared.  I don't mind it's invasion though it is a fight to keep it from strangling the lettuces.  That wonderful green colour and the yellow of the flowers are soothing to the eye and the soul.
The roses are covered in a blue powder to keep mildew and bugs at bay.

Dave, on his blog Northsider, mentioned planting potatoes.  These are some of our weird potatoes from a few years ago.  Vaso gave us a bag of seed potatoes.  We planted half and she planted the other half.  With all her experience she got a terrific crop.  Our crop was quite good as well but almost every potato had these strange purple streaks in the middle.  They looked completely normal on the outside. I googled but couldn't find anyone who knew what had happened to our potatoes.  Any ideas?


  1. The children here eat the yellow flower stalks,they have a very souer taste but they love them.

    1. Yael, I wonder if this plant is sorrell because I know you can eat it. I have seen it in salads. I am going to eat the yellow flower stalk and see what it tastes like!

  2. I think it's just the variety; I've eaten totally Red Potatoes. I didn't know people ate whole Broad Beans, we just eat the beans inside.

    1. Vaso's potatoes were the normal colour. It was very strange.
      The young broad beans we eat whole, like the pea and the pod.

  3. Linda, I caught the March sun. Along with wind burn at the weekend in Cornwall. Should have taken more notice of your post recently!

    Hmm, my sister said they look like purple peruvian as there is quite a lot of white. Were they waxy or soft. If they were waxy they arent peruvian. they are higher in antioxidants than plain white ones.

    1. Aha, beware the sun in March! You don't expect it to be quite so strong.
      The peculiar thing about these potatoes was that Vaso's turned out completely normal but our half were purple inside. They weren't the peruvian purple ones I know. We didn't eat them so I don't know what they taste like.

  4. Were they still eatable? I have no idea. Might have to dig deeper lol and find a cause. I'll get on the google machine after swimming and see what I find xx

    1. I treated them like green potatoes and threw them on the compost. Some were OK and tasted completely normal. Very strange.
      I did Google but only found Peruvian purple potatoes and they definitely weren't that.