Wednesday, 4 January 2017

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Migrants -
  There are about 50 State run camps all over Greece and many refugees are still living in tents in the snow and the mud.

They are still arriving from Turkey but in smaller numbers.  At the end of November there were 11,800 stranded in inhumane conditions on  Greek islands.  Around 60,000 are stranded throughout Greece.

Fighting, rioting, rock throwing takes place between police and migrants, between locals and refugees and between different nationalities in the camps.  Tents are set on fire, camps destroyed.  These people are in limbo, have been for many months and will be in limbo for a long time to come.  
..................................................... Venus de Milo -   known here as Aphrodite of Milos.  130BC

One of the more famous pieces of ancient greek sculpture, on display in the Louvre.  She was discovered on the Greek island of Milos.  A french naval officer helped in the discovery in 1820 and sold her to the French Ambassador to Turkey.  She lost her arms in the fight with the Greeks when she was dragged across rocks to the French navy ship.  The usual story of the pillage and looting of treasures.   Or maybe not.  But the statue ended up in Paris and now Greece wants it back.

The Mayor of Milos is getting a petition together to present to the European Union and the Louvre.   Kali Tyhi - Good Luck.  Greece has been trying to recover the Elgin Marbles (the frieze from the Parthenon taken 200 years ago by Lord Elgin) from the British Museum for over 20 years.
Road works in Crete

Locals were told to move their cars so the road could be tarred.  They didn't.  The road crew arrived, the tar was hot, the tar got laid.... around the obstacles.

A waste of time moving the rubbish bins after they had left big gaps around the cars.

The council said it would fix the problem.  I wonder if they did

The top ten of Historical Personalities -
6 out of the 10 are greek

This study analysed historical figures from 4000BC to 2010

1. Aristotle - in Greek, Aristotelis

2. Plato - Platon

3. Jesus Christ

4. Socrates - Sokratis

5. Alexander the Great - Alexandros O Megas

6. Leonardo da Vinci

7. Confucius

 8. Julius Caesar

9. Homer

10. Pythagoras

according to the Pantheon, the new media  lab of the Massachussets Institute of Technology


  1. When I see refugees, I always think how lucky we are to have our home and all that goes with it xx

    1. We sure are lucky. A lot of the families who have fled were middle class like us. They had a good life begore the war, nice apartment, cars, holidays, eating out. Look where they are now. Gives me the shivers

  2. I'm still not certain why all those refugees left Turkey. According to the UN, the first port of call should give refuge; they didn't! I used to visit Kos, but I wouldn't now. I believe it's become lawless.

    1. Turkey does what it wants. People moving is big money, providing the equipment to do it. Refugees are paying every step of the way. Then they arrive on kos or some other island and there is no where else to go. The violence was going to happen..so many people, ethnic cultures cooped up in camps with no life of any quality for them or their children on the horizon. Many thousands are young men, economic refugees who create trouble when they see families, usually Syrians who are given priority. The islanders are at the end of their tether, losing their life and businesses because of the refugees. It's a tinder box smouldering and ready to blow

  3. I don't know what can be done about th refugees. It's a sad state of affairs and I'm only a mum and housewife so any ideas I might have would be laughed at. But leaving families in poor conditions isn't humane
    As for the idiots who refused to move their cars. They will be the some ones that whinge that there are holes everywhere. If I was in charge I'd give them a shovel and all the fixings for the tar and tell them to go forth and fix them themselves

    1. No European country wants the refugees, especially after all the violence. You can't guarantee you're not letting in terrorists as well. I do not know what is going to happen but they need better living conditions here

  4. How far away are you from Turkey LA? Do people still find ancient archaeology?

    1. Some of the greek islands are only hundreds of yards from Turkey. Refugees were being brought across by jet ski! We're on the other side. Far away from the troubles and violence. As for ancient ruins....new ones are being discovered all the time. Few are excavated because there's just no money. Often excavations are done by foreign expeditions. A Swedish group spend two weeks on our island every summer digging up ruins. Most of them are covered by many hundreds of years of later civilisations

  5. Thank you for all you comments. I watched a programme about all the migrants streaming into Europe from Africa, and Eastern Countries, it was like a convoy of people continuously coming. They followed five different people all with such sad stories, over whelming. The people traffikers take such advantage of them.

    1. Over a million have passed through Greece and more through Italy. Human traffickers are making millions. Now and again they get caught but not often. Refugees are desperate to take their families to a new safe life and spend huge amounts to try and enter Europe.

  6. I am so grateful for the life I live, others in the world are truly existing in their own personal Hell. So sad.

  7. I meant to add, I couldn't help but laugh at the road paving fiasco, it looks like the job was done by our local road commission.....😁

    1. So typically bloody greek!! But they usually do sort themselves out in the end

  8. I blame the traffickers who are making millions. Only half-hearted and late attempts were made, if at all, to arrest them in the Aegean. It all failed. It is the same with the economic migrants coming across the Med. The traffickers tell them lies about the promised lands and take their money and leave them. The traffickers just keep on. Easy money.