Saturday, 2 July 2016

A summer's day

Yes, it's Vayonia Bay once again.  We went down for a swim in the morning, stayed for a wine and then a mid day snack.  

Today's idyllic view from our table

A yacht sails into the bay

The seafarers row in and beach the boat right beneath the bar

Today it is a cool white wine

With a couple of souvlaki

Afterwards we use the  outside shower to get rid of the salt.  Outdoor showers in the summer help water some of the garden and keep down the level of the septic tank.

At days end we sit out in the cool night air and watch the quarter-final Euro 2016 soccer match between Italy and Germany. 

European summer sporting events are now in full swing.

  July 2nd is the start of the Tour de France, the cycling  race through France and into some of the neighbouring countries, ending on the Champs-Elysees in Paris. 

  Wimbledon is on till 10th July.  World number one mens tennis player Novak Djokvic has  been knocked out very early in a shock defeat.

Christine la Garde, head of the IMF, has spoken in favour of Greece becoming the permanent home of the Olympic games. This would give a boost to  Greece's economy by attracting foreign investment and tourism.
Greece already has the stadiums and could provide a safe environment for the games she said. Great idea.


  1. Looks wonderful. Here it's cold and although the sun is shining right now. Even colder weather is predicted.

    1. Time to snuggle up with a book and a bowl of soup. Days, seasons go by so quickly. I finally put some lighter curtains today and wondered whether it was worth it. I'll have to change them again in 4 months lol..hope your winter is not too extreme.