Monday, 20 June 2016

Vayonia by night

The first heatwave of summer.  Sweltering days of fiery sun.  Breathless afternoons, skin slick with sweat, evenings without even a leaf astir.  How much can a person take, without turning on the aircon.  Much cheaper to go downhill to the  bay below.
It is unbelievable how cool it is beside the waves listening to the soft 'plop' of the 'surf', being enveloped by the cool draft of air coming down the ravine.  Slowly the mind and body recovers and you feel that maybe life will go on.

This weekend is a long weekend and a public holiday for most.  Sunday is Whitsunday I believe in English.   The Holy Ghost descended upon the 12 Apostles and they became preachers and martyrs.  

 Poros is filled to the brim.  We have a full moon, a long weekend and a heatwave.  A good time to avoid the main port.  All those big Range Rovers, Mercedes and BMWs create havoc on the roads.  They don't know where they want to go, they stop  in the middle of the road to admire the scenery and inevitably cause traffic jams and a huge parking problem.  The wop-wops, the back of beyond, the boondocks, the outback, that's the only place to be this weekend.  Or Vagionia Bay.

An evening view.  Time for a frosty drink and a grilled souvlaki.  The waft of smoke coming from the grill, that intense aroma of searing meat is enough to make even a vegetarian hungry.

Friend and neighbor Giorgios enjoying the cool wine and a souvlaki after a hard days work with his trucking business

When in Greece do as the Greeks do.  Ouzo and ice, ouzo and Coca-Cola, a small meze (with home salted sardines and local olives) and as this is Europe you can still enjoy a cigarette.  On that plate of meze are two small cubes of bread.  The boys at the bar put a dab of taramousalata (fish roe) on the bread, my favourite.  I scrape off the pink, creamy roe and K eats the bread.

Darkness is slowly falling.  Most people have gone home to have a shower and get ready for the evening stroll along the harbor, a leisurely late dinner and an even later late-night drink.

For the few visitors who remain Markos turns on the spotlight and they can have a magical swim in the shimmering water

The bar by night.  There is always someone to keep you company over a whisky or long cold G and T.  It has been a busy day down here, the sunchairs, the tables, the bar stools were full from early morning to late afternoon.  We missed the crowds and the noise of the happy holiday makers.  You want a swinging beach scene you come early.  We arrive late and enjoy the conversation and friendly banter with those around us.

Summer has begun with a bang. 

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