Saturday, 30 April 2016

Easter Saturday

Saturday and everyone is back at work again.  The men are cleaning the spit and preparing the sacrificial lamb, or goat ready for tomorrow's BBQ and hauling bags of charcoal.     

All the offal for the soup, called mayeritsa, with which we break the 40 day fast after the midnight mass.  This is the women's job.  We cut all this offal into small pieces and it is stewed along with lettuce, spring onions and rice then thickened with eggs and lemon juice.  It may look and sound gross but the soup is delicious and the offal becomes small pieces of unrecognisable meat.  Because of the economic crisis the soup this year is more lettuce and less meat, but just as good.  A good grinding of pepper over the top and some of my homemade sourdough bread.  It sits heavily on the stomach and you're still trying to digest it while basting the goat next morning.

The goat ready to be dressed for the spit.  Poor little goat.  We used to buy a 16 kilo lamb.  This year it is an 8 kilo goat.  Goat is actually a little more expensive, 1 euro a kilo more than the lamb, but it has far less fat and is much healthier.

Elli does a bit of whitewashing.

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