Tuesday, 30 November 2010

family photos

me and Natalia
wot K took photos of in Aussie
easter lamb on the spit - english neighbour Chris with Kostas

oz-tober fest, Busselton

drinking beer - of course

Teresa and Steven with Georgie and Nels - Poros
Jamie, Danae and Coca-Cola George at his wedding
Lydia and Danae all dressed up at the church
at the reception - too much for poor little Jamie asleep on the chairs
Kyriakos and a tired little Natalia
Elli and Alexandra - prospective greek bride - with house in Santorini!
Kostas doing what he does best - after eating and drinking
greek saying - hungry bears don't dance
Kostas and Kyriakos

Lyn and Gordon after the market at Ermioni - a cool heineken

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